403.1 Statement of Qualifications:

Internal Audit staff members (and any external auditors retained to provide additional assistance) must have sufficient background and experience to audit a broad range of financial and operating environments competently and effectively.

403.2 Statement of Responsibilities:

In accordance with established general audit procedures, Internal Audit has the following responsibilities when performing the audits:

•Review records, reports, and activities of the entity under audit to determine compliance with Archdiocesan policies, procedures, laws and regulations.

•Be alert to operating controls and activities that might help assess whether the entity’s employees perform their tasks honestly, accurately, efficiently, and with completeness.

•Report any deficiencies to the proper level of management and/or the Audit Committee of the Board of Financial Administration.

•Maintain the highest level of confidentiality related to any information obtained or reviewed.

•To perform special assignments as requested by the Manager.